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Jennifer Chew,Lawyer:


Doug did an amazing job editing our “Christmas Skit” for the firm’s Christmas party. I received many compliments on the video. Doug was efficient, accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

Interesting Video Is A Process


We at ANSUN Productions know that there are a number of inexpensive video editing programs on the market today. Programs that claim that anyone is able to edit "professional quality" videos in their own time.

If it were only that simple.


Professional quality video is not just "ease of editing". There is a series of actions that have to be considered long before the editing process takes place. Things like scripting, shot planning and of course editing the footage to best demonstrate your point.

That’s where ANSUN Productions comes in. We are professionally experienced in all aspects of video production. From discussing with you, all of the important points of your

company’s products and service, to neatly packaging all of the information in an interesting fast paced video that will have your prospective clients impressed with all aspects of your Company.

Along with the pre-production stage, ANSUN Productions is proud to announce that we use broadcast quality digital equipment and highly trained technical personnel, leaving you to do what you do best,

work within your company.

So before you head out to the local office supply outlet to purchase the latest in "easy video editing software", give ANSUN Productions a call... we will have your project on disk,

the web or on video before you make your first call to technical support for the upgrade for that video software that you have yet to install on your computer.